how to reheat funnel cake in air fryer

The Joy of Leftover Funnel Cake

There’s something truly magical about indulging in a warm, crispy funnel cake topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. But what happens when you have leftover funnel cake from your favorite carnival or fair? Fear not, because we have the perfect solution – reheating your funnel cake in an air fryer! With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the same deliciousness all over again.

Step 1: Preheat Your Air Fryer

Before you dive into reheating your funnel cake, make sure your air fryer is preheated. Set the temperature to 350°F and let it warm up for a few minutes. This will ensure that your funnel cake gets evenly reheated and maintains its crispy texture.

Step 2: Prepare Your Funnel Cake

While your air fryer is preheating, take out your leftover funnel cake and give it a quick assessment. If it’s looking a bit dry, you can brush on a thin layer of melted butter or oil to revive its moisture. This step is optional, but it can definitely enhance the overall taste and texture.

Step 3: Place the Funnel Cake in the Air Fryer

Once your air fryer is preheated and your funnel cake is prepped, it’s time to place it in the air fryer basket. Make sure to arrange the pieces in a single layer, leaving some space between them for optimal air circulation. This will help ensure that each bite is perfectly crisp.

Step 4: Set the Timer

Now that your funnel cake is in the air fryer, it’s time to set the timer. Depending on the size and thickness of your funnel cake, you’ll want to cook it for around 3-5 minutes. Keep an eye on it to prevent any burning or excessive browning.

Step 5: Flip and Rotate

After a few minutes, carefully flip and rotate your funnel cake pieces to ensure even heating. This will help achieve that golden-brown perfection on all sides. Use a pair of tongs or a fork to gently turn the pieces over, being careful not to crush or break them.

Step 6: Monitor and Adjust

As your funnel cake continues to cook, keep a close eye on it. Every air fryer is slightly different, so cooking times may vary. If you notice that your funnel cake is browning too quickly, you can lower the temperature slightly or reduce the cooking time. The goal is to achieve a crispy exterior while keeping the inside nice and warm.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Reheated Funnel Cake

Once your air fryer beeps to signal that your funnel cake is ready, it’s time to dig in! Carefully remove the pieces from the air fryer basket and place them on a serving plate. You can sprinkle some powdered sugar or add your favorite toppings to elevate the flavor even further. Serve it alongside a scoop of ice cream or a drizzle of chocolate syrup for the ultimate dessert experience.

how to reheat funnel cake in air fryer


Reheating funnel cake in an air fryer is a game-changer. It allows you to enjoy the crispy, delicious treat whenever you please, without losing any of its original charm. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be savoring a perfect slice of funnel cake in no time. So go ahead, get creative with your toppings, and indulge in the joy of reheated funnel cake!